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A Simple Outlook Add-in that will help you adopt and work with SharePoint!

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Version: 6.6
Languages: English/French

To use this app, you’ll need one of these applications :

  • Outlook 2010
  • Outlook 2013
  • Outlook 2016

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When this app is used, it :

  • Can manage emails and documents in SharePoint from Outlook
  • Can access SharePoint Content from Outlook
  • Can share SharePoint Content to colleagues from Outlook


Mail2Share for Outlook is a solution that drives ECM(Enterprise Content Management) adoption with SharePoint and Office 365 without changing user behavior, by providing access to SharePoint and Office 365 directly from the convenience of the email client.

Note: When you add a new SharePoint Online site to your Mail2Share Mount Points for the first time, you must log in and authenticate.


  • Decreases document chaos: Access to SharePoint files from Outlook.
  • Eliminates Data Loss Risk: Collaborate on files by sharing SharePoint Document links instead of attachments.
  • Boosts productivity with SharePoint: Stop wasting time uploading documents to SharePoint.
  • Increases SharePoint adoption: Upload email attachments to SharePoint directly from Outlook for easier collaboration with documents.