Drag and drop files to

SharePoint, Office 365 and OneDrive for Business

directly from Outlook

Seamless Outlook

Work directly from the Outlook Interface

Easily manage your inbox and outgoing information

Share SharePoint elements as attachments or links

Choose to move or copy content to SharePoint

Navigate and/or filter through your SharePoint structure

Search and consume SharePoint content


Profile oriented
Central configuration

Easily apply your Enterprise Content Management strategy and policy

  • Target content based on Active Directory groups and users
  • Automatically fill in metadata
  • Centrally control default behavior
  • Enable/disable features based on profile
  • Easy deployment through GPO or SCCM

Drive and improve
collaboration processes

Increase SharePoint user adoption

Use different types of displays for SharePoint content

Fill in metadatas

Use your own content types

Collaborate on documents from Outlook

Use the power of SharePoint search

Supports most SharePoint fields such as enterprise keywords, people and groups, and more

logo Mail2Share Extension

The Mail2Share Extension allows you
to connect to any type of application!

Mail2Share Extension schéma Mail2Share Extension schéma

How often do you receive an email triggering a process?

Tie your business applications easily by integrating your emails through Mail2Share.

Whether you need more governance or want a better control over your helpdesk requests, a faster tracking system within your ERP or want to integrate your CRM with SharePoint, Mail2Share Extension gives you the tools to connect to any web application and extract critical information for that purpose.

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Eliminate the risk of losing critical information

Eliminate the risk of losing critical information

Some ideas of what you can do with the API

  • Drag an email to start a workflow in SharePoint;
  • Display a simplified tree view of your current projects;
  • Integrate a ticketing dashboard and create tickets in your business application by dragging and dropping;
  • Trigger forms and create projects, cases or records from information previously locked in your inbox;
  • Control and customize lists and values accessible to users;
  • Transfer and inject data into other systems.


Client Only

No server installation is required to use our product


Works with versions 2007 to 2016, 32 or 64 bit


Works with versions 2007 to 2013

Office 365

Works with SharePoint Online

OneDrive for Business

Works with OneDrive for Business


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  • Overview of our document management solution and its top features.
  • Quick tour of the new API Mail2Share Extension.
  • Questions and answers.

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